Cast Iron Fireplace Stove With Oven, stoves, coal stove, wood stove, wood stoves


Heating Volume 65 m³ – 210 m³. Heating Level 25 m² – 85 m². Carbon Dioxide Ratio 0.02% – 0.04%. Powder Concentration 30 mg / Nm³. Performance Index 0,2. Natural Wood Pellets Length: 30 mm Diameter: 6 mm. Hopper Capacity 22 Kg. Consumption 0.7 – 1.7 kg / Hour. The Smoke Outlet is manufactured as […]

Cast iron wood burning stove with oven, cook stove, oven stove, cook stove


Special fireproof paint resistant to high temperatures. You can burn it with wood. Ceramic glass material is used on the front and left side. Ceramic glass resistant to thermal shocks is used. Thick metal sheet value is available. Enamelled body is used. Our product is made entirely of cast iron and cast iron, with the […]