Flexible flue liner complete installation kit wood burning multi stoves 5 6 7 8


Great Deals From Fireplace Shop Salford. Our High Quality Flexible Flue Liner. Installation Kit for fitting the flue liner. Your stove outlet diameter The diameter of the flue outlet on your stove. Your desired flue liner diameter The diameter of the flue liner you require. Your flue liner length required. The length of flue liner […]

316 or 904 Flexible Flue Liner Installation Kit for 6 150mm Wood Burning Stove

If you would like any advice or assistance please feel free to contact Fireplace Shop. 316 or 904 grade 6 inch flue liner top plate and clamp kit. This is a flexible flue kit for a 6 wood burning stove. You will need a seperate flue pipe out of your stove but other than that, […]