Extra Large Wood Stove, Wood Burning Cooking Oven, Handmade Kitchen Stove


Thanks to the Large Stove Top Cover, it offers different cooking and heating convenience at the same time. Fireplace Top Cover 203624 inch. Baking Oven 18189 inch. Fireplace Screen 107 inch. Metal Fire Pit Chamber 131810 inch. Pallet Weight: 100 kg 220 lbs pounds. Wood, coal, solid fuel. Heating capacity: 100 square meters. Flue outlet […]

Extra Large Wood Burning Fireplace, Handmade Oven Stove, Living Room Decor


Customize Your Interior and Exterior, It will help you a lot in Warming up and Cooking, At the same time, it will Give your Space a Visual Nostalgic Fireplace Feast. Fireplace Top Cover 202442 inch. Baking Oven 18186 inch. Fireplace Screen 1616 inch. Metal Fire Pit Chamber 181818 inch – 18kg 19 lb oz Cast […]