Vermiculite 100L Wood Burning Stove Flue Pipe / Chimney Cavity Insulation


Micafil / Vermiculite 100 Litre bags. Vermiculite insulation can be used to back fill around the flexible flue liner in your chimney. It will ensure efficient operation. Optimum draw and lead to a longer life for your flexible liner. By insulating the flexible liner it reduced condensates which form and can attack your liner, increases […]

Vermiculite insulation For Wood Burning Stoves and flexible flue liners x2


2 BAGS of Vermiculite (100L Bag). The insulating properties of vermiculite significantly reduces the heat loss in cold weather and keeps the interior cool in hot weather. For insulating solid fuel and wood burning liners, it reduces the amount of condensates by keeping the flue warm, it also holds the liner rigid to aid sweeping. […]