Russian Titanium Collapsible Wood Burning Stove Folding 2,2kg Hot Bell Tent


Titanium Portable Folding Lightweight Wood Stove for Ski Expedition, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Survival. This stove was designed and made by one of the best russian ski expedition guide Anatoly Snegirev. The most popular stove for ski expeditions, Lake Baikal skate race and backpacking for about 30 years in Russia. No equal on the market of […]

Russian Tourist Camping Wood Burning Stove Multi-Kitchen BBQ Military USSR


Tourist portable stove DYMOK. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum. An irreplaceable thing in a hike, fishing, hunting, tourism, the army, rescue operations, in the forest, a country house, outdoor. Field kitchen for several people. Was manufactured at the military defense enterprises of the USSR. The well-thought-out design of the stove allows you to quickly fold the […]

Russian Porcelain Author Gzhel Hand Painted Table Clock Cat Wood-Burning Stove

Cat – Wood-Burning Stove article 1993. Leonid and Victoria Chernovy Author’s work All products are painted by hand. Length – 11.02 inch (28 centimeter). Height – 9.96 inch (25.3 centimeter). Width – 5.91 inch (15 centimeter). All figures are painted manually with the author of a product and exact compliance with the provided photos is […]