MOBIBA Backpack Sauna RB170M Digital Camouflage Mobile Steam Sauna Tent Outdoor


Backpack saunas are characterized by the fact that they are mobile and can be carried in a backpack, yet allow you to enjoy a full-fledged sauna bath outdoors. The steam generated by burning wood and boiling the water in the tank causes healthy perspiration. Portable is no longer just for phones. The compact backpack sauna […]

MOBIBA Backpack Sauna RB170M Outdoor mobile sauna Tent Digital camouflage JAPAN


100% Authentic from Japan. Size: W170×D170×H170cm, W 67inch×D 67inch×H 67inch(excluding chimney and skirt). Total weight: Approximately 13.0kg (including stove 7.8kg). Stove, chimney, water tank: Stainless steel. Set contents: Stove, stove storage bag, chimney, tent, backpack, pegs, peg storage bag, guy rope with adjustable fittings, repair fabric. Water tank capacity: 10.5L (allowable water supply amount 9.0L). […]

Mobiba Mobile Sauna MB-10 (3-4 pers.) + Wood Heater-Stove Mediana-5, Siberia


Where is Your Best Spot For. Is it the summit of a mountain or in the. Deep forest, maybe you just want to. Have a Sauna on your backyard? Mobiba will let you all of this! Mobiba Mobile Sauna MB-10 3-4 pers. + Wood Heater-Stove Mediana-5. Mobiba MB-10 tent, it’s your own mobile apartment and […]

MOBIBA Backpack Sauna RB170M Outdoor Tent camouflage Steam Stove Camping


This item is new and unopened condition. Portable, authentic sauna in a backpack. Size: W170 x D170 x H170 cm (not including chimney and skirt). 13 kg (including 7.8 kg for the stove). Materials: Tent, backpack / polyester, polyamide, PVC; frame / geraldine; stove, chimney, water tank / stainless steel. Contents: Stove, stove storage bag, […]

Mobiba Portable Mobile Sauna Tent MB-10A (3-4 pers.) + Wood Heater-Stove Mediana


Get your own SPA-Sauna Resort In Any Uncharted Places. It`s your own mobile apartment and SPA-Sauna complex in one suit at anywhere you want. This is the most optimal solution for travel, sauna-parties on the beach or in the backyard of a house, car tourism, fishing, etc. It`s a compact (can fit in a trunk […]