Mobiba Mobile Sauna MB-10 (3-4 pers.) + Wood Heater-Stove Mediana-5, Siberia


Where is Your Best Spot For. Is it the summit of a mountain or in the. Deep forest, maybe you just want to. Have a Sauna on your backyard? Mobiba will let you all of this! Mobiba Mobile Sauna MB-10 3-4 pers. + Wood Heater-Stove Mediana-5. Mobiba MB-10 tent, it’s your own mobile apartment and […]

MOBIBA Backpack Sauna RB170M Outdoor Tent camouflage Steam Stove Camping


This item is new and unopened condition. Portable, authentic sauna in a backpack. Size: W170 x D170 x H170 cm (not including chimney and skirt). 13 kg (including 7.8 kg for the stove). Materials: Tent, backpack / polyester, polyamide, PVC; frame / geraldine; stove, chimney, water tank / stainless steel. Contents: Stove, stove storage bag, […]

Mobiba Portable Mobile Sauna Tent MB-10A (3-4 pers.) + Wood Heater-Stove Mediana


Get your own SPA-Sauna Resort In Any Uncharted Places. It`s your own mobile apartment and SPA-Sauna complex in one suit at anywhere you want. This is the most optimal solution for travel, sauna-parties on the beach or in the backyard of a house, car tourism, fishing, etc. It`s a compact (can fit in a trunk […]