Sauna Wood Burning Stove Harvia 22, for rooms 8 22 m3


The Harvia 22 stove is a source of glowing heat and pleasant steam for medium-sized saunas. The fire glowing behind the cast-iron-framed glass door creates the traditional atmosphere of a wood-heated sauna. The opening direction of the door can be changed. The fire chamber and combustion air channels of Harvia stoves are designed so that […]

Brs-116 Camping Picnic Wood-burning Stove Firewood Furnace BBQ Barbecue Grill


Suitable for hiking, camping, cooking and having a picnic, etc. Fuel is easy to get, just use twigs, branches, leaves, firewood to cook a meal, say goodbye to heavy, costly, polluting petrol fuels. Standard USB 2.0 interface, can connect with all kinds of power supply, the fire power is adjustable. Strong flame: Blower system design […]