New 2018 mini 3 blade heat powered stove fan log burner wood burning stove fan

New 2018 3 blade model. 3 blades that can circulate upto 52% more warm air than a 2 blade fan. Also receive a magnetic thermometer. The wood stove eco friendly fan is a heat powered fan which circulates the warm air created by a wood burner or gas powered stove. As you probably know heat […]

LARGE POTATO / BREAD COOKER Dutch Oven use on Woodburning Multifuel Stoves

Add To Saved Sellers. LARGE Cast Iron BAKED POTATO / BREAD COOKER For use on top of wood burning and multi fuel stoves and in open fires! What’s better than a jacket potato? A crispy jacket potato cooked on top of your wood burner or multifuel stove! Our large baked potato cookers also double as […]