4 Blades Wood Burning Stove Fireplace Fan Heat Powered Heated Air Eco Stove Fan


100% Brand new and high quality. This stove fan is powered by converting heat into energy without the need for any batteries or electricity Operating temperature range: 140 ° F / 60 ° C 662 ° F / 350 ° C, the higher the temperature, the faster the start of rotation Note: When using a […]

Sauna Woodburning Stove Harvia Legend 150 SL for rooms 613 m3, Heated Outside


LEGEND 150 SL (WK150LDSL). The Harvia 150 SL wood-heated stove provides twice the opportunities to enjoy heat. The Legend stove is placed in the sauna and the firewood is inserted into the fire chamber from the other side of the wall. While one bather is still sitting in the sauna, the other one can cook […]

Heated Power Stove Fan 5 Blowers with Thermometer Eco-Friendly for Wood Burning


No power or rechargeable battery. Woodburner Fan for Log Burning Fireplaces, gets power from the heat produced by your fireplace, wood burning stove or pellet stove. Effectively dispersing warm air around your room, use the thermometer to monitor the temperature and improve efficiency. Start working when the surface temperature under the fan reaches about 50 […]

Wood-Burning Boiler Hot Water Biomass Instant Residential Heated Water Shower


Wood, coal, peat & briquette Burn boiler, 15K to 95K BTU. Made in Europe 2. The Boiler Stove burns any kind of manual feed biomass such as wood, coal, woodchips, peat briquette and much more. Simple and efficient UNI is our most cost-effective biomass boiler. Large firebox and power modulation from 30% to 100%, optimized […]

Black 4 Blade Mini Top Stove Fan Heated Powered Wood Burner Log Fire Burning


You may also like. Black 4 Blade Mini Top Stove Fan Heated Powered Wood Burner Log Fire Burning. Bimetal thermal insulation device. Powe supply equipment: thermoelectric module (heat powered). Start temperature: 40 ° C. Working temperature: 50-370 ° C. Automatic adjustment: the fireplace fan can be started automatically, and the speed can be adjusted according […]