Outdoor Wood-burning Stove Camping Charcoal Burner BBQ Furnace


Material:High temperature resistant stainless steel. Power supply:0.9W. Battery:AA2(not included). 1:Ecological:any dry biological material that is handy can be used as a source of. 2:Powerful:the blower system produces strong fire power. 3:Light and compact:easy to carry almost anywhere. 1:Strong flame:blower system design, cover plate protects the vertilation. System, strong fire power, meet the damand of all […]

Modern Black Log Burner Fire Pit Garden Patio Wood Burning Stove


Create a cosy atmospheric glow with this black log burner. The large pit allows for you to burn logs, wood and solid fuel, while the sleek design creates a stunning centrepiece for your garden. Black. Steel. H 53cm x W 40cm x D 40cm. Assembly required. Dimensions (WxDxH in cm). 40 x 40 x 53 […]

Heat Powered Stove\Log Burner Fan 2018 Mini Three Blade Design+Thermometer


New innovative three blade design for 2018 at only 19.5cm high. Highly efficient brush motor which is smoother with a unique blade design generating up to 160cfm more than any other fan on the market. Also receive a magnetic thermometer. This fan generates its own electricity using the heat from the stove. Fan output is […]

Eco Friendly Heat Powered Wood Burning Mini Stove Top Fan for Wood Burner


Eco Friendly Heat Powered Wood Burning Mini Stove Top Fan for Wood Burner. Description This stove fan runs without battery or electricity. Instead, it is powered by the energy that transforms from heat which is genetrated by wood fuel. The 4 blades diffuse warm air throughout the whole room to improve the efficiency of use […]

New 2019 Model Eco Stove Fan Log Burner Fan And Thermometer / Eco Friendly


The best stove fan on the market. This is new for 2019 mk7 with extra cooling fins and stove thermometer. Smoother , Quieter, and moves more air than the two blade. This fan generates its own electricity using the heat from the stove. Fan output is 150cfm to help circulate warm air throughout the room. […]

Heat Powered Stove Fan Eco Wood Burning Log Burner Fireplace Blower Fans Tools


HEAT POWERED STOVE FAN ECO WOOD BURNING LOG BURNER FIREPLACE BLOWER FANS TOOLS. Keep the wood stove fan at least. This will cause it to run faster, and for a longer time when the fire is low. The blade is made of. Does not discolor and deform even at temperatures up to 700°F. The Bi-metallic […]

Black Heat Powered Stove Fan Wood Burner + Magnetic Stove Gauge Thermometer x 2


BLACK Heat Powered Stove Fan + Magnetic Temperature Gauge Thermometer (2 Sets). 2 x Stove top eco-friendly – silent air fans, complete with 2 magnetic pipe thermometers, suitable for w. Ood, coal, gas or multifuel. Stove / log burners. Make dramatic improvements to the efficiency of your stove with this essential combination of products. Fan […]

Stainless 10 Gallon Keg Wood Stove Barrel Burner Camping Shop Stove


Stainless keg wood stove with water reservoir. Stands 42″ tall 36″ deep and 24 round. Makes a great stove for camping, shop, fish house, garage, small cabin. Stainless steal material used for all added features. Legs can be removed for easy transport. Burn out once to be sure all is working well. New customer built […]