Chimney Flexible Flue Liner 125mm / 2m Multi Fuel Stainless Steel Pipe Stoves


125mm Chimney Flexible Flue Liner. Stainless Steel Multi Fuel Pipe. Length – 2 meters. Flexible metal acid resistant steel used where cannot be used straight element chimney liner. This multi-fuel flexible fuel liner is heats approved and suitable for lining existing chimneys. Having a flexible flue liner will help the efficiency of your stove and […]

Wood Burning Flat Pack Camping Mini Stove


Wood Burning Flat Pack Camping Mini Stove. The mini Stove is a new design in flat-pack camping rocket stoves, which reduces fuel requirements and reduces smoke emissions through the efficient use of wood. This light and portable stove has just 5 slot-together parts with a simple 4 stage assembly/disassembly process. Designed and fabricated in the […]

Ultralight Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Rocket Stove for Hiking


Ultralight Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Rocket Stove for Hiking. Made of premium stainless steel. Open mouth design: Easy to add fuel. Easily collapsible and lightweight. Use twigs sticks, natural flammable material to light your camping stove wood burner. Environmentally Friendly: With no fuel canisters or alcohol needed, no chemical emissions behind. Material: Stainless Steel […]