4/8 Blades Single/Dual Head Heat Powered Stove Fan Wood Burning Fireplace EcoFan


This stove fan is powered by transforming heat into energy, without using any battery or electricity. The range of working temperature is about: 176°F/80°C482°F/250°C, higher the temperature, faster it starts to spin. Attention: the temperature can not be over 345°C when using the stove fan. Can circulate heat throughout th e ro om. This stove […]

4-Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan Ultra Quiet Fireplace Wood Burning NEW


4-Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan – Ultra Quiet Fireplace Wood Burning NEW. Ttm heat powered stove fan – increases the efficiency of your freestanding stove oven or wood/ log burner to generate warmth economically. And self-powered – a thermoelectric module acts as a small Generator to power the fan’s motor. No batteries or electricity […]

Caframo EcoFan Airplus Heat Powered Wood Burning Stove Fan EX+


This fan creates its own electricity using the heat of your wood burning stove. It requires no installation; simply place the fan on top of the stove. An enhances warm air circulation while operating silently. Air is circulated directly into the living area instead of rising to the ceiling. Features “no fuss” operation — starts […]